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Licensed Financial Advisor and Insurance Expert (Honorar Finanzberater 34h; Versicherungsvermittler 34d)


Masters in International Business - Maastricht University


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Pension in Germany

Your pension plan

You want to know how to calculate your public pension. You want to have a strategy on how to retire in Germany? Then let's get started. Book your 3 step program now. The first session is free.

Session 1: Discovery call

Time: 30 min

During our upcoming discovery call, we'll delve into how I can assist you in achieving your goals. This is your opportunity to share your current situation, aspirations, and any questions you may have.

Introduction: Get to know more about what I can do for you.

Your Story: Share your situation and what you aim to accomplish.

Q&A Session: Feel free to ask any questions you may have.

Next Steps: We'll discuss and outline the plan for moving forward.

The primary objective of our meeting is to determine if my expertise aligns with your goals.
I'm eager to explore this further with you.
If the Discovery Call sparks your curiosity, we can then dive into the more detailed Pension Strategy session.

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Session 2: Pension Strategy

Time: 60 min

Your personal situation

Financial Snapshot
We will analyze your monthly surplus, assessing income and expenses, and weigh your equity balance, including savings, loans, and investments.

Risk Profile
We'll also determine your risk tolerance and evaluate how much risk is suitable for your financial situation.

Lean more about the consultation process

Analyzing your pension options

Existing plans: Decide whether to keep, freeze, or cancel current retirement plans.

Exploring new options: Assess potential avenues, like employer-offered company pension plans.

Personalized recommendations: Receive tailored advice based on your unique situation and preferences.

What you get

You gain an overview of the pension products

You choose which option is best for you

You know what you need and know how to get it

Instill confidence in your retirement planning, understand how much to save, be aware of the advantages and disadvantages of available options, and make informed decisions on the best-suited retirement plan.

Session 3: Pension Plan

Time: 90 min

Get to know your ideal product

Choose your guarantee level

Pick your ETFs you want to invest in

Customize your product based on your needs

Outcome: Leave with a personalized retirement plan that makes you feel confident and accomplished in your financial planning.

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Excellent Financial Educator and Advisor

From the first contact I had with Alex via email, I knew that he was the person that I wanted to talk to about my financial planning and pension options in Germany. He is incredibly knowledgeable and has excellent teaching skills that enable him to communicate that knowledge and expertise in a way that is approachable, understandable, and even comforting for people who don't know much about financial planning. Thinking about pensions and finances makes a lot of people uncomfortable and panicky, myself included, but Alex's calming, reassuring demeanor made me feel comfortable from the very beginning of our first call. The extra bonus is that he has specialized knowledge of the blocks that Americans in Germany face, which most financial experts who work with expats don't know. I would highly recommend that anyone looking for guidance on their finances, pensions, and insurances book a call with Alex.

Stephanie Pampel


December 13, 2023