Buy real estate

Nothing boosts your confidence like owning property.

Real estate as passive income

If you want to buy property for passive income and not for price speculation, then look for the following:

Small apartments
Good infrastructure
Fully managed
High job density
Recently renovated
Not brand new
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What is the key to successful real estate investing?

Real estate is like dating. It takes effort. You and the property need to be a match.

Your finances

Whether real estate investing is a lucrative option for you depends largely on your financial situation. A strong credit score will make it easier to secure favorable mortgage conditions. Tax deductions play a significant role in the overall return. The higher your tax rate, the more appealing real estate becomes.

The property

The property needs to match the amount you can comfortably invest per month. For example, if you plan to invest €100 per month, a €200k apartment would be a suitable investment for you.