About Lomee

Change starts small and grows bigger.
Let's get the ball rolling.

What drives us

"Be the change you want to see."
Arleen Lorrance


Everyone should be able to manage their finances independently.

People should get a financial education before they have to deal with balancing their accounts, getting insurance or filing their taxes.

Knowledge is power.
By providing a basic level of financial education early on in life, you enable people to make financially sound decisions. They don't have to fall on their face to learn.

I want to be part of a solution that helps people to know enough about finance that they start investing early for retirement and only seek great advice.


Help expats to build a financial future in Germany.

Administrative tasks are never easy - even as a native German. Things like taxes and finances are complicated enough but if you don't speak German, they can be downright scary!

I enjoy helping my friends deal with German bureaucracy because it gives me a warm and fuzzy feeling knowing I've helped them navigate this labyrinth.


A lot of my friends aren't saving for their future yet. They hold the view that either the financial system will collapse or they'll die before they grow old.

However, chances are that they will grow old.

Unfortunately, there is no second chance in retirement planning.
Making up for the lost time is 10x more painful than starting early.

I want to help my friends to start early and plan ahead.