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Private health insurance

We cover the most pressing issues expats face when dealing with health insurance in Germany, allowing you to make informed decisions.

Why are wait times to see a doctor so long in Germany?
What type of health insurance is best for my needs as an expat?
How do I choose the right health insurance provider?
Will I be covered for pre-existing conditions under my German health insurance?
What's the process for reimbursement of medical expenses with my insurance?
What are the key factors to consider when comparing insurance plans in Germany?

Are you tired of waiting for a doctor appointment too? We guide you through the process of switching to private health insurance in Germany.

Get private health insurance

You have been working in Germany for some time now. You have probably asked yourself how much longer you want to stay here. Maybe you considered settling. How much longer makes it worth to start thinking of your pension. Easy! If you have an unlimited work visa you should know the basics of the German pension system because you are paying a lot of your money into it!

The German pension system

How does the pension system in Germany work?
How much state pension will you get?
How do I read the state pension document?
Can you get a refund in case you leave Germany?
How is your pension taxed?
What are the best investment strategies for retirement savings?

For additional information read our public pension article or join the session on To find the best solution for your personal situation book a consultation.

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Must - have insurance in Germany

Understanding the mandatory and essential insurances is complex.

What mandatory insurances do I need in Germany as an expat?
How can I choose a reliable health insurance provider?
Is liability insurance in Germany essential for me?
What family insurances should I consider in Germany?
How can I optimize my insurance coverage cost-effectively?
What if I face language barriers when dealing with insurance matters?
Are there specific insurances for freelance expats or business owners in Germany?
How can I ensure my possessions and assets are protected in Germany?

As an expat in Germany, navigating insurance can be challenging. Our role as insurance brokers is to provide you with expert guidance, ensuring you have the right insurance coverage for your unique needs.

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