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If you're an expat in Germany, you might be facing some tricky decisions about your health insurance. In Germany, they have a unique system with both public and private health insurance. Private health insurance offers some fantastic benefits, like better coverage and faster appointments, but it can also trip you up with hidden costs and other issues.

Why are wait times to see a doctor so long in Germany?
What type of health insurance is best for my needs as an expat?
How do I choose the right health insurance provider?
Will I be covered for pre-existing conditions under my German health insurance?
What's the process for reimbursement of medical expenses with my insurance?
What are the key factors to consider when comparing insurance plans in Germany?

Are you tired of waiting for a doctor appointment too? We guide you through the process of switching to private health insurance in Germany.

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The three biggest advantages

Your finances: We'll guide you to insurers with stable rates, ensuring your premiums stay affordable well into the future.
Your Time: Save yourself from endless comparisons and research. We streamline the process, helping you find the best private health insurance swiftly.
Your Health: Access top-tier healthcare professionals with our assistance, ensuring your well-being is in expert hands.
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Attention. Not everyone is eligible for
private health insurance!

Certain groups are excluded from this possibility.To find the right private health insurance, we must first make sure that private health insurance is possible for you.Find out by clicking here and take the first step towards finding the right private health insurance for you.