Retirement planning

Retirement planning is the bread and butter of Lomee's services. We consider your expectations and goals, analyze your financial situation, investment horizon, level of risk aversion, and existing savings.

The result is your personalized retirement strategy.

The German pension system

You have been working in Germany for some time now. You have probably asked yourself how much longer you want to stay here. Perhaps you have considered settling down. If so, it's time to start thinking about your pension strategy.

How does the pension system in Germany work?
How much state pension will you get?
How do I read the state pension document?
Can you get a refund in case you leave Germany?
How is your pension taxed?
What are the best investment strategies for retirement savings?

For additional information read our public pension article or join the session on meetup.com. To find the best solution for your personal situation book a consultation.

Individual consultation

Goal setting

what's the latest you want to retire? How will your life and expenses differ from today?

Retirement age: 65

Pension goal: 2.5k net p.m.

Investment risk: medium

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Financial overview

To understand how much money you can save per month, we look at your current financial situation. Your current expenses are also a great approximation for your retirement goal.


We add up your different income streams.


We approximate your costs for an average month.


Before you can start to save for retirement, we make sure you have sufficient savings


If you have debt, we evaluate if you should pay it off before you start saving.

Public pension

As an employee, you have no choice but to pay into the public pension.

Basic pension

If you are self employed, the basic pension offers the same tax benefits as the public pension.

Company pension

A company pension offers you tax advantages plus your employer contributes.

Private pension

A private pension offers you the most flexibility.

Underlying investments

When we know what type of insurance is the best  we select the asset types that best fit your strategy. Asset allocation. BUY IMAGE

70% stocks*

*Depends on the strategy

30 % Bonds*

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Fund selection

When you have selected your asset classes, you pick the funds. There are various criteria to determine the right fund for you.

Fund size
Replication method
Tracking error
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