Individual & long-term financial planning

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Save money and gain confidence in your own financial plan.


Do you want to go through everyday life without worrying that something might happen? We'll cover everything that's important, with a concept that can be flexibly adapted to protect you against whatever life throws at you.

Financial overview
Risk analysis
Must-have insurance

Retirement planning

So that you can really enjoy the longest vacation of your life, we'll support you in setting the right course now.

Goal setting
Retirement strategy
Evaluate options
Savings plan
Monitor progress
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Become a homeowner or buy real estate

Whether you want to expand your portfolio with a capital investment or fulfill your dream of owning your own home, we'll be by your side with our network of experts in your search for the right property and its financing.

Homeownership as an investment case
Find a suitable property
Diversify your portfolio with apartments
Diversify portfolio with REITs
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Wealth building

In times of inflation, ever-changing interest rates and novel investment opportunities, from Bitcoin to NFTs, we provide clarity and help you make the right decisions.

How does money earn money?
The fundamentals of investing
How to get started
Build a diversified asset portfolio
How to measure performance & success
ETF 101 Course


You don't want to deal with comparison portals and insurance companies anymore? We'll find you the best insurance and make sure you're never stuck in endless queues again.

English support
Expert advice for claims
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Emergency folder

We hope you'll never need it, but this small yet crucial building block will ensure that everything is in order should something unfortunate happen. If you're unable to manage the important aspects of your life, it will be clear who takes over for you. This includes managing your finances, communicating with doctors about your medical choices, and caring for your children and pets.

Will Testament
Pet emergency plan
Digital emergency folder
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