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You never know what life may throw your way. While it's always good to have savings, sometimes they may not be enough. Don't worry, know your risks and get covered. Carry on.

Must - have insurance in Germany

Understanding the mandatory and essential insurances is complex.

What mandatory insurances do I need in Germany as an expat?
How can I choose a reliable health insurance provider?
Is liability insurance in Germany essential for me?
What family insurances should I consider in Germany?
How can I optimize my insurance coverage cost-effectively?
What if I face language barriers when dealing with insurance matters?
Are there specific insurances for freelance expats or business owners in Germany?
How can I ensure my possessions and assets are protected in Germany?

As an expat in Germany, navigating insurance can be challenging. Our role as insurance brokers is to provide you with expert guidance, ensuring you have the right insurance coverage for your unique needs.

Individual consultation


Risk analysis

Begin by gaining a clear understanding of your risks. This process involves responding to questions that pertain to your unique situation. Upon completion, you'll receive a list of recommendations.


Product knowledge

Enhance your knowledge about the chosen products and coverage. Attain an overview of the key features.



Identifying the product that aligns with your key requirements. Leverage our user-friendly comparison tool to facilitate this process.


Review situation

Periodically reassess your risks whenever there are changes in your circumstances like getting a dog or becoming engaged. Consider setting an annual reminder.

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The most Recommended Insurance

For most, the biggest financial risks are harming someone, becoming ill, and being unable to work. As a result, liability insurance, health insurance, and income protection should be top priorities.

Insurance Overview

Check out which other insurances exist.

Liability Insurance

Liability insurance helps you pay for things if you accidentally cause harm or damage to someone else's stuff.

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Health Insurance

Health insurance helps you afford medical care when you need to see a doctor.

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Income Protection

Income protection gives you money if you can't work because you're sick or injured, so you can still pay your bills and take care of yourself.

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Pension insurance ensures you have money to live on when you're older and guarding against the risk of living longer than you think.

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