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Occupational disability insurance

We simplify the application process and help you understand if this coverage is right for you. Discover how this insurance can protect your financial future and get the guidance you need for a successful application.

What is disability insurance?

Think of disability insurance as a safety net for your paycheck. If you get sick or injured and can't do your job for a long time, this insurance helps by paying you a part of your income. It's especially helpful for conditions like severe back pain or serious stress-related issues, which can stop you from working for more than half a year.

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How does disability insurance work?

You choose an insurance plan that decides how much money you would get each month if you can't work because of a long-term health problem. If something happens and you can't do your job, the insurance starts paying you this money after the first 6 months, during which your regular health insurance usually covers you. This way, you still have an income to help pay your bills and take care of your family until you can go back to work or until it's time to retire.

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Step 1 - Medical history

When assisting you with your occupational disability insurance application, I focus on ensuring that your medical history is detailed and accurate. This crucial step helps define your insurance terms and guarantees that all your health issues are properly disclosed. We begin with a comprehensive questionnaire about your health, which is vital in understanding your medical background and crucial for our consultations. It's important for you to fill out this questionnaire with as much detail and accuracy as possible. The more thorough and accurate your information, the better I can assist in securing the right insurance coverage for you.

Please fill complete the questionnaire in advance of our first consultation.

Step 2 - Structure and function of disability insurance

1. Understanding the specific definition of occupational disability as per the policy.
2. Conditions under which the insurance pays benefits.
3. The inclusion of profession-specific clauses in the policy.
4. How the policy adapts to changes in the policyholder's life.
5. The impact and scope of policy exclusions.

These points are essential for evaluating and choosing the most suitable occupational disability insurance policy based on individual professional and personal needs.

Step 3 - Technical design of a disability policy

In our consultation, we discuss various technical aspects of occupational disability insurance policies. We cover key topics such as the specific terms and conditions of these policies, their structure, the types of coverage they offer, and the factors that influence their pricing. This comprehensive approach ensures that you are well-informed and can make the best decision for your insurance needs.

Julia was an accomplished online marketing manager at a leading digital agency. Known for her strategic thinking and long hours at the desk, she was pivotal in driving successful campaigns. However, her career faced a major challenge when she developed severe chronic back pain, attributed to prolonged sitting and work stress. This condition made it increasingly difficult for her to maintain her rigorous work schedule. Thankfully, her occupational disability insurance began to cover her after the initial public health insurance benefits were exhausted, providing her with the financial support needed to work fewer hours.

Chronic Back Pain: Julia's Story
Senior marketing manager

Alex, a highly skilled front-end software developer, was passionate about creating engaging user experiences. His world turned upside down when he was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, requiring extensive treatment and recovery time. During this period, Alex could no longer keep up with the demanding and fast-paced tech environment. His occupational disability insurance became a crucial financial support, covering his expenses while he focused on his health. After a year of treatment, Alex was able to gradually return to work part-time, while his disability insurance continued to supplement his income.

Cancer: Alex's Journey
Senior marketing manager

Isabella, a senior project owner in a multinational corporation, was known for her exceptional leadership and commitment to high-profile projects. Despite her success, the extreme workload and constant high-stress environment led to severe burnout. Finding herself mentally and physically exhausted, Isabella could no longer fulfill her demanding role. Her occupational disability insurance provided a financial cushion during her time off, allowing her to recover without the pressure of immediate financial concerns. This support enabled Isabella to eventually return to the workforce in a more balanced role with a focus on project consulting.

Burnout: Isabella's Challenge
Senior marketing manager